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Six claws, forty-eight teeth, and one gigantic appetite--

That's the Gnasher. Think of it as a 'land shark.'

Powerful and voracious, the Gnasher is a fearsome predator suitable for any type of science-fiction, fantasy, or adventure scene, from prehistoric to post-apocalyptic, whether earth or on another world. With its flexible, tentacle-like horns, which are sensitive to both sound vibrations and heat, Gnasher can detect and stalk prey even in the dark-- and with its vicious teeth and claws and powerful muscles, Gnasher can make short work of its dinner, as well as of any creature stupid enough to get in its way.

For all its stocky bulk, the Gnasher is surprisingly agile, capable of stalking silently, running full-tilt to chase down prey, even balancing atop a boulder to survey the surroundings. (Popup 3.) And although the Gnasher looks dull-witted, it is quite intelligent and cunning-- thus, a Gnasher raised from hatching can be tamed and trained for riding, hunting, protection, or companionship (Popup 4).

Compatibility: Poser 5+ and DAZ Studio.

Note to DAZ Studio Users: This product uses displacement maps. Since Studio does not read displacement information from Poser MAT files, you must the material presets supplied for DAZ Studio, not the Poser MAT files.

Additional Information
Notes There is a full installer, plus an additional installer with D|S optimized MAT files.
Compatible 3D Figures N/A
Compatible 3D Software DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • Base Gnasher Figure (CR2 and .Obj)
  • Textures:
    • Body: One Displacement Map and Three Texture Maps (3072 x 3072) in the Following Colors:
      • Mottled Green (Main Picture)
      • Mottled Brown (Popup 1)
      • Sand (Popup 1)
    • Teeth: One Displacement Map and One Texture Map (1536 x 1536)
    • Eyes: One Texture Map (1024 x 512)
    • MAT Pose Files for Poser and Material Presets for DAZ Studio Are Included
  • 57 Injection Morphs
    • 31 Expression Morphs
    • 23 Feature Morphs
    • 3 Full-Body Morphs (Muscular, Plump, and Skinny)
    • For Ease of Use, Morphs Inject in Groups
  • 50 Blank Injection Channels for Add-On Morph Packs
  • ERC Controls for Ease in Posing:
    • For Each Head/Jaw 'Horn':
      • Bend Front-Back
      • Bend Side-to-Side
      • S-Curve Front-Back
      • S-Curve Side-to-Side
    • For the Tail:
      • Bend Front-Back
      • Bend Side-to-Side
      • S-Curve Front-Back
      • S-Curve Side-to-Side
    • For the Feet:
      • Spread Toes Side-to-Side
      • Spread Toes Up-Down
      • Curl Toes
  • 17 Poses
    • 14 Regular Poses (Walking, Running, Leaping, etc.)
    • 3 Zero Poses-- for the Horns, the Tail, and the Entire Figure
Resource Files

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