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Beasts and Brutes

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sku: 13848



Some live underground, while others dwell in the vast oceans. Hills, mountains, and swamps all see them pass, and even the societies of Man are visited by them. The world is filled with a vast number of races - some benign, others malign. And now they can be yours.

Thanks to the amazing versatility of the Genesis figure and Triax rigging, these nine beings of various sizes and personalities can now be brought to life with but a single figure! Whether you want them to give your heroes a challenge, an adviser, or even someone to save if you're feeling generous, the Beasts and Brutes are just what you need for your nonhuman characters!

Additional Information
Notes No
Compatible 3D Figures Genesis
Compatible 3D Software DSON Importer for Poser, DAZ Studio
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • Nine full body morphs
    • Beast Body: A neck-down morph, intended for use with the various creature heads in the Creature Creator pack
    • Firbolg: A stocky, humanlike giant, usually of benevolent bent. Though some may be shaven, it is quite common to see them with ornate decorations and braids in their red hair and beards.
    • Fishman: A humanoid aquatic dweller. Some may be friendly, others... not so friendly.
    • Fomorian: A hunchbacked giant of a breed that once supposedly challenged the gods themselves
    • Hill Giant: Gangly and Gawky, Hill Giants nonetheless have the potential to grow larger than any other giant breed - if they live that long.
    • Keyboard Gremlin: It's unknown why they are called 'keyboard' gremlins, but one researcher claims they are ideally suited for warping rows of buttons, and delight in causing misspelled words.
    • Knocker: A long waisted, shortlimbed cave dweller, the Knocker is respected by miners because they send warnings about impending cave-ins by knocking on the walls of the caves with their three-fingered hands.
    • Mudman: Once a form of golem, crafted from clay and mud, the Mudmen have managed to acheive full sentience, and are considered excellent choices for construction work due to their inexhaustible stamina
    • Troglodyte: Distant relatives of trolls, Troglodytes are reclusive giants who often share caves with hibernating bears (who they resemble in temperment)

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