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Moler Hive Berserker Warrior

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  • Badge Daz Original
sku: 3650



Desolation Earth is a place of many secrets...and the Berserker, the Hive Queen's personal superwarrior from the Deep, is surely one of it's biggest. In times of extreme crisis, the Berserker emerges and destroys everything in his path. Some say the Berserker is a mindless, magically enhanced bioconstruct merged with several elements found in the royal chambers of the Queen. Other stories tell of a forbidden bonding between one of the Deep Ones and the Hive Queen, resulting in the birth of this virtually unstoppable creature Berserker.

Another widespread rumor tells of a fire in the sky that fell to earth when the Queen was young. It may be possible the Berserker is a protector from a world beyond. Perhaps it was he that brought the mysterious genetic ways of the Quartzian armor to Desolation Earth to outfit the Moler Hive with a proper defense.

Or perhaps he himself is one of the of the Old Ones, extradimensional beings, living deep down, even deeper than the Deep Ones?

One thing is for sure - the Berserker is always the victor. He�s the ultimate weapon with no remorse and under total control of the Queen. His armor is equal, if not even more powerful, than the Queen�s outer shell. He�s able to control his complete metabolism, transforming his whole gentic makeup within seconds. He can change his armored structures to solid stone, Quartzian supercrystal, superheated magma and more. He is able to shatter massive rocks. In his chest a strange organ produces streams of superheated plasma that can shoot out at opponents.

The Berserker has no real eyesight, both his eyes are non-existent. In his forehead an eyelike, optical knot is embedded, allowing him to 'see' in different spectral views. His infrasonic hearing is second to none.

With this warrior at hand, the Hive Queen and her whole race have a great chance to be victorious against the enemy.

Additional Information
Notes No
Compatible 3D Figures Michael 3
Compatible 3D Software DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • Amazingly unique, hyperdetailed and carefully crafted custom morphs for Michael 3 transform him into a monstrous, overpowered superwarrior!
  • Five shaderpowered hybridized texture MATS, painstakingly painted and especially made to suit the Berserker's morph INJ. The unique shader enhancement allows you to even see detailed cracks in the bodystructure!

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