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Michael 6 Swole

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SWOLE, from the urban dictionary is defined as being buff and ripped, jacked strong, huge, swoll, muscular beast, diesel, meathead, large & built.

SWOLE is a custom built shape for Michael 6 that's sculpted using the Bodybuilder Shape as a base and going up several notches in muscularity, while still retaining the balance and aesthetics of the human body. SWOLE brings fuller muscles, a smaller waist, wider back, thicker neck, wrists, ankles, quadriceps and forearms, and more sculpted lats and abs.

This is another option to give Michael 6 the heroic look and size that turns heads and commands attention and respect. Take this new shape into your DAZ Studio genepool and experience the power of Genesis 2 Male!

Additional Information
  • This product includes:
    • 1 DSON Core Installer
Compatible 3D Figures Genesis 2 Male
Compatible 3D Software DAZ Studio 4.6
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • Michael 6 SWOLE Character for Genesis 2 Michael 6:
    • Michael 6 SWOLE Genepool Full Body Morph
      • Sculpted Details
    • Michael 6 Character Preset: (.DUF)
      • Loads Michael 6 and the Swole Morph
      • Scales and Reshapes Hands and Feet
      • Adds Nipples and Navel

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