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Monstera deliciosa

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sku: 12039



The well known swiss cheese plant - Monstera deliciosa is a must have plant for anyone who wants to bring the lush tropical jungles of south america to their Vue scenes!

Six SolidGrowth plants for Vue 7 and up, plus two sets of SolidGrowth hanging roots enable you to place plants on the ground, in trees (there are three versions especially made for this) and even ecopaint with them (again a 'simple' SolidGrowth plant specially designed with ecopainting in mind)- this set will bring your jungles, hot houses,tropical gardens alive and also makes the perfect pot plant for architectural renders too!

Additional Information
  • This Product Requires Vue d Esprit 7 or up
Compatible 3D Figures N/A
Compatible 3D Software Vue
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • Six SolidGrowth Swiss Cheese Plants
    • Large Clump - for foreground and specimen placement where a large plant is needed.
    • Clump - perfect for pots and massing on the ground.
    • Horizontal - Place this to scramble along the ground or over branches, walls and rocks.
    • Vertical - A tall version for placement against tree trunks, walls, buildings or rocks - use more than one for increased height.
    • Vertical (hanging) Place under tree branches or hanging from the tops of objects. Perfect for curtains of foliage or a natural vignette.
    • Simple - a three to four leaved version for use in ecosystems as ground cover or painting on to any vertical surface to cover it in lush tropical foliage.
  • Two sets of SolidGrowth Areal Root Systems, different sizes and growth patterns to be placed with the hanging or creeping versions of the plant or amongst painted instances for added realism.

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