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Hostile Planet

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Hostile Planet.

Visit if you dare. Escape if you can.

Hostile Planet is the perfect environment for your scene, whether it's fantasy, reality, post-apocalyptic future, prehistoric past, on this world, or a distant planet. Unlike 'static' environment sets, Hostile Planet uses morphing, movable scenery objects to give you great versatility in setting up your scene, and comes in four basic flavors:

1. Desert (Popup 1)-- barren and dry, a place where the only water is a sluggish stream or a stagnant sinkhole. Is the water safe to drink? Don't bet on it!

2. Slag World (Popup 3, bottom)-- a burned-out, used-up, rusted world where nothing thrives-- except things you wouldn't want to meet.

3. Toxic Waste (Popup 3, center)-- a poisoned world where even the best protective suit might not be enough.

4. Volcanic (Popup 5)-- blackened and barren and very hot.

Give your Poser people a real challenge-- send them to Hostile Planet. And hope they return...

Compatibility: Poser 5+. Sorry, no DAZ|Studio version is available yet.

Additional Information
Notes No
Compatible 3D Figures N/A
Compatible 3D Software DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • Much larger than the DAZ|Studio Environment (See Popup 1)
  • Morphing props and landforms provide great versatility in customizing your scene (popup 2)
  • Easy on resources - fewer than 38,000 polygons in the entire set
  • Three basic scene setups are included plus the ability to construct your own scenes using the individual props
  • Scenery items:
    • Null figure (for parenting)
    • Ground Plane (in three different styles - solid, river, and sinkhole), with five MAT files
    • Distant Hills - A semi-3D prop that morphs and rotates independently, with three morphs and five MAT files
    • Sky - Rotates independently, uses ambient color (not affected by scene lighting or shadows), with 10 MAT files
    • Riverbed - Used with river version of ground plane, with morphs for shape and depth, plus eight MAT files (popup 1)
    • River water - Used with riverbed, with four MAT files (popup 1)
    • Sinkhole - used with sinkhole version of ground plane, with shaping and depth morphs, with eight MAT files
    • Sinkhole water - Used with sinkhole, with two MAT files
    • Hill - An extremely versatile prop, with 11 morphs and six MAT files (all)
    • Stone arch - six morphs and 11 MAT files (popups 1 and 2)
    • Boulders and rocks - three of each, each with multiple morphs and nine MAT files - to create hundreds of different boulders and rocks (popup 4)
    • D-Circle - a draping prop that can be used flat or draped over other objects with the cloth room. Use it to create everything from ground cover to slag outcrops, oozing slime and more (popup 3)
  • Over 175 texture files (color, displacement, and transparency maps)
  • Over 150 MAT-Pose files
  • 4 Basic starter Poser lightsets

NOTE: In addition to the product notes, instructions for using the environment are included with the ReadMe file


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