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Light - The entire principal of how we see the world is all based on what light gets through to our optic nerves. Any 3D professional will acknowledge that bad lighting will ruin even the greatest scene, while good lighting will actually help the mediocre rise above to the stunning. Illuminati gives you literally thousands of new light settings! You have an arsenal of over 3,000 light sets to choose from, as well as over eighty light gels. Overwhelming, in this case, is a good thing!

Deep reds for your quaint breakfast scenes, you can almost smell the frying bacon! Darker Aqua Blue light for your creepy catacombs - their cobwebs brushing against your face. Gentle creamy greens capturing the emerald meadow in the morning light. Hypnotic light gels straight from the big top and neon Casino strips! Grass, trees and plant light gels perfect for natural outdoor lighting. Bats, spider webs and tombstones for your spooky scenes.

Requires Poser 5 or later

Additional Information
Notes Due to the large number of files, the installer for this product may take extra time to install.
Compatible 3D Figures N/A
Compatible 3D Software Poser
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • Seven IBL Materials (For Poser 6 and later only)
  • 23 Color Light Gels
  • 62 Black & White(Shadow) Light Gels
  • 3,195 Lights:
    • 942 Blue Lights
      • 314 Infinite Lights
      • 314 Mixed Lights (Infinite & Spots)
      • 314 Parented Lights (Infinite & Spots)
    • 960 Green Lights
      • 320 Infinite Lights
      • 320 Mixed Lights (Infinite & Spots)
      • 320 Parented Lights (Infinite & Spots)
    • 1,293 Red Lights
      • 431 Infinite Lights
      • 431 Mixed Lights (Infinite & Spots)
      • 431 Parented Lights (Infinite & Spots)
  • Fully illustrated Tutorials
  • Not compatible with DAZ Studio

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