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Hunter for David 3

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Introducing Hunter for DAZ 3D's David 3 by Morris and Face_off! Inspired by HyperREAL for V3 & M3 -Fusing Photo-Real and Mathematics, creating an evolution in texturing! Optimized for Poser 5 with additional MAT poses included for Poser 4 users.

We first introduced the ORIGINAL hyperREAL for V3 and M3, now we have introduced the first of a series of add-on textures/packages, inspired by and utilizing hyperREAL technology!

The Hunter textures and character for David can be used as a stand-alone package with the inclusion of P5 optimized MAT poses based off of the HyperREAL script by Face_off. But beyond that, the textures were created in the correct color, tone, and highlight all optimized for use with the HyperREAL for V3 script! So, as a stand-alone or as an add-on for HyperREAL, we worked hard to continue pushing the limits of Poser 5 and beyond! The terms 'photo-realistic', 'ultra-photorealistic', 'high-resolution', 'highly-detailed' and so on, get thrown around a lot. Well this is the next step! HyperREALITY! The textures in this texture package are extremely detailed, right down to his fingerprints! The textures were built from scratch, utilizing sources from Morris' own personal collection of hi-res photos and from www.3d.sk. No texture kits were used as a base, so you are getting a brand new, beautiful, richly detailed texture. The bumps maps were built and optimized for the HyeprREAL textures, skin goosebumps, skin pores, fine lines in the lips, for example, and were built into the bump maps to bring out truly gorgeous results!

These textures were built around the custom morph by face_off and are optimized for the Hunter character. They should work on other M3 and other David 3.0 characters, though they haven't been tested as such.

Additional Information
Notes No
Compatible 3D Figures No
Compatible 3D Software DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • 1 DavidREALhead Texture Map 4000x2719
  • 1 DavidREALBody (Hairy) Texture Map 4000x5333
  • 1 DavidRealBody (Smooth) Texture Map 4000x5333
  • 1 David Genitals Texture Map
  • 1 Vampire Body Texture 4000x5333
  • 1 Vampire Head Texture 4000x5333
  • 1 Vampire Genital Texture
  • 7 P4 Mat Poses to Apply Textures
  • 7 P5 MAT Poses to Apply Textures, Optimized for P5 & P6, Utilizing Shader Nodes and Bump Mapping
  • 1 Default Left Eye Texture
  • 1 Default Right Eye Texture
  • 1 Vampire Blue Left Eye Texture
  • 1 Vampire Blue Right Eye Texture
  • 1 David HeadBump Map 4000x2719
  • 1 David BodyBump Map 4000x5333
  • 1 Genital Bump Map
  • 1 Teeth Bump Map
  • 1 Head Alpha map
  • 1 Body Alpha map
  • 1 Genital Alpha map
  • 1 Eyelash Transmap
  • 1 Teeth & Gums Map
  • Right & Left Reflection Maps for the Eyes
  • 1 Each (in P4 and P5 folders) of FACE only INJ and REM Poses for David
  • 1 Each (in P4 and P5 folders) of Body INJ and REM Poses for David
  • 1 Each (in P4 and P5 folders) (a custom morph by face_off) Fangs INJ Pose
  • 1 each (in P4 and P5 folders) (a custom morph by face_off) Fangs REM Pose
  • 1 each (in P4 and P5 folders) (a custom morph by face_off) Mouth Open INJ Pose
  • 1 each (in P4 and P5 folders) (a custom morph by face_off) Mouth Close Pose

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