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    • Martin Hedenstroem
    • 1972
    • Canberra, Australia

    Martin Hedenstroem, aka HowieFarkes, has been a digital artist for over 20 years. His love for the digital arts began back in 1986, drawing in GEOS for the Commodore 64. Throughout his career he's filled many roles including graphic designer, web developer and 3D Artist.

    "... in 1997 I purchased Infini-D 3.5 and started my long, but sometimes interrupted, experience with 3D modeling and rendering. For many reasons I was away from the 3D world for a number of years, but discovered that Infini-D had morphed into Carrara and that there were online communities to display your works in 2003."

    "I studied for my bachelor of Graphic Design at a time when computers were really only just making their way into the profession, in the early 90's, so was exposed to some pretty traditional ways of creating print-ready designs and artistic methods. But really, when computers took over I embraced the change."


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