Suraiyah XPak

Suraiyah XPak

  • $12.95
    • $12.95
    Compatible Figures:
    Compatible Software:
    DAZ Studio, Poser
    Required Products:
    Compatible Figures:
    Compatible Software:
    DAZ Studio, Poser
    Required Products:
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  • Details

    This is an add on Pak for Suraiyah Hair. It contains 90 new MAT, MATMORPH and SHAPE files for Suraiyah Hair. The MAT files provide unique and new color combinations. There are also partial MAT files for bleaching and coloring the upper layers of the hair. The MAT MORPH files change the hair from a parted look with hanging topflys to a smoothly swept or partially swept look with a simple double click by applying the textures and style in one hit. The 10 Shape files access the 74 morph dials from a side icon to give an instant style or adjustment to the hair. Many of the 57 new textures are not merely simple re-colorations of the original ones. The Suraiyah XPak contains some totally new textures, some extensively modified textures and some multi-layered and color highlighted textures as well for a magical appearance and complete versatility. Finally, there are three highly detailed new texture sets for the Hairs ornaments.

    What's Included and Features

    • Setup and Pose Options:
      • 2 Setup Mat Poses - Cap and Hair
      • Zero All Pose
      • Zero All Pose - No Fit Morph Changes
    • Color Options:
      • Wine Streaked
      • BlackBerry
      • Black Streaked
      • Dark Streaked
      • NiteBurst
      • Special Blonde
      • TruLight
      • Twilight
      • Special Earth
    • Transparency and MatMorph Options - All Colors:
      • Jewel Mat+Morph
      • Default
      • Fine
      • FineS
      • Sparse
      • Sweep1 Mat+Morph
      • Sweep2 Mat+Morph
      • Sweep Hide Mat+Morph
    • Upper Flys Transparency Options - Wine and Special Blonde:
      • Default
      • Fine
    • Hair Jewelry Mat Options:
      • Blue Dream
      • Emerald Gold
      • Soft Gold
    • X-Shapes:
      • Reset
      • Exotic
      • Front-Blow
      • Front-LngBlow
      • Front-Long
      • Gather-Front
      • RearBraid-Fly
      • Small-Rings
      • Styled-Back
      • Swept-Styled1
      • Swept-Styled2
    • Textures:
      • 18 Cap Texture Maps (2400 x 1400)
      • 09 Hair Texture Maps (2000 x 1600)
      • 09 Braid Texture Maps (2400 x 2400)
      • 09 Long Strands and Ends Texture Maps(2400 x 1000)
      • 09 Hair Bun Texture Maps (2400 x 1800)
      • 03 Hair Jewels Texture Maps(2400 x 1800)
    • P6 Material Poses (.PZ2)
    • Material Poses to Apply All Presets



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