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Portia Hair

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Portia flew into my salon and started her sweet talk,
"I'm auditioning for the best script I've read in years!"
This happens almost every month and I smile indulgently.
"Please, make me a silver screen goddess, you know the one!",
she says, glowing with excitement.
Marilyn Monroe? The unforgettable Norma Jeane, of course.
What can I say? I couldn't resist her smile.
So I just reply, as I always do,
"I'll do my best."

Layered, thick wavy locks, fitted for DAZ 3D Victoria 4, Victoria 3, Aiko3 (+Realistic), Stephanie Petite, Laura, Maddie, Michael 3, Hiro (+Realistic), David, Luke, Matt, Millennium Baby and Apollo Maximus.
Independent Poser and DAZ Studio installations!
Additional Information
Notes This product has full Poser installer and full DAZ Studio installer.
Compatible 3D Figures Victoria 4, Victoria 3, Michael 3, Aiko 3, Stephanie 3, David 3, Hiro 3, Millennium Kids - Young Teens, Millennium Kids - Preschoolers, Millennium Baby 3
Compatible 3D Software DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • Poser
    • Morphing hair prop (HR2 and OBJ)
    • Fit presets (PZ2) for 12 DAZ Millennium figures and Apollo
    • Other figures can wear Portia Hair by scaling and moving the hair
    • Material presets (PZ2) for texture image colors:
      • black
      • blonde1(lightest) + two(strawberry)
      • brown
      • grey
      • red
    • Material presets (PZ2) for diffuse colours:
      • black
      • blonde
      • brown
      • platinum
      • red
      • xblackblue
      • xblackred
      • xblackwhite
      • xpurplegreen
    • Shines from surface material settings in Poser 6+, not painted so it will follow your lighting direction
    • Simple and easy to use for your convenience
    • OBJ geometry ~18k facets, ~2.8MB
    • Morphs:
      • crownHeight
      • forelockDown
      • forelockSwing
      • forelockSize
      • midThickR
      • midThickL
      • napeShort
      • napeLong
      • twistR
      • twistL
      • swingR
      • swingL
      • swingBack
    • Fitting morphs:
      • A3 and H3 Realistic
      • fitNape
      • fitTemple
      • earsHeight
    • The above have been tested in Poser 6 and Poser 7
  • DAZ Studio
    • Files in DAZ Studio format (no Poser installation required)
    • The same features as for Poser package but everything completely in DAZ|Studio native files including the hair itself, geometry, morphs, and materials
    • The above have been tested in DAZ Studio 1.7
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