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Aiko 3 Hair Pack

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sku: 2924



Fit and refit? Koshini's hair is no longer just for Koshini. This pack does not simply scale but completely refits the hair to fit perfectly around Aiko 3.

Additional Information
Notes No
Compatible 3D Figures N/A
Compatible 3D Software DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • DogEars (.cr2 and .obj)
    • From Koshini 1 Base Pack
    • Improved jointing for moveable ringlets to the sides of head
    • Improved UVMap for even better use of all existing LadyLittlefox Hair Textures
  • KCurls (.cr2 and .obj)
    • From Koshini Pack 1
    • Rejointed and recut to allow smoother movement of all parts.
  • Pixietail (.cr2 and .obj)
    • From Sugar & Spice for Koshini
    • Improved Jointing for better motion.
    • Improved UVMap for better use of textures!
  • Island Hair (.cr2 and .obj)
    • From Island Girl for Koshini
    • Flower prop included
  • Summer Hair (.cr2 and .obj)
    • Dreads from Summer Fun for Koshini
    Long Braid (.cr2 and .obj)
    • From Classic Elegance for Koshini
  • Swirlbun (.cr2 and .obj)
    • From Music Box Dancer for Koshini
  • Swirltail (.cr2 and .obj)
    • From Music Box Dancer for Koshini
  • Sidelocks (.cr2 and .obj)
    • From Shini-Taur (And Ichi-Taur)
    • Easy Pose Braids to either side of the head.
  • VBun (.cr2 and .obj)
    • From Lady of the Manor for Koshini
  • VTail (Victorian ponytail) (.cr2 and .obj)
    • From Lady of the Manor for Koshini
  • French Braid (.cr2 and .obj)
    • From Blacker Magic For Koshini
  • Elf1 Hair (.cr2 and .obj)
    • From Lil'Helpers for Koshini
  • MrsBun (.cr2 and .obj)
    • From Mrs Claus for Koshini
  • Darling Hair (.cr2 and .obj)
    • From Charmed for Koshini
  • Tufted Hair (.cr2 and .obj)
    • From Ichiro Base Pack
  • Skater Hair (.cr2 and .obj)
    • From Skaterboy for Ichiro
  • Long Pony (Classic Romance) (.cr2 and .obj)
    • From Classic Romance for Ichiro
  • Elf2 Hair (.cr2 and .obj)
    • Short Hair from Lil'Helpers for Ichiro
  • All 19 Hair Figures can use any texture Universal Hair Mat for Lady Littlefox Hair!

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