Grubbers for David and Stephanie Petite

Grubbers for David and Stephanie Petite

  • $13.95
    • $13.95
    Compatible Figures:
    Stephanie 3
    Compatible Software:
    DAZ Studio, Poser
    Compatible Figures:
    Stephanie 3
    Compatible Software:
    DAZ Studio, Poser
  • Details

    They're small. They're unpleasant. They're the Grubbers, feared and despised by all other peoples of Desolation Earth.

    Why? Because they steal everything they can get their knobby little fingers on. They're hairless and have rough, almost scaly skin, and are prone to diseases such as Eye-Rot and Skin-Rot, as well as conditions such as Proteus syndrome, withered limbs, and stumpfoot (see Popups 1 and 2). Even when not armed, they're extremely dangerous-- they're very strong for their size, they have claws, and they fight viciously. Also, they like to bite-- and a bite from one can be fatal because of the virulent bacteria in their saliva. Altogether, they're a thoroughly nasty race-- so much so that parents of other races frighten their children into obedience with the threat:

    'You'd better be good, or the Grubbers will get you!'

    What's Included and Features

    • Injection Morphs (for David and Stephanie Petite):
      • Grubber Full-Body Morph
      • Claws for Fingers and Toes
      • Eyerot (for Left and Right Eyes)
      • Head Deform (Proteus Syndrome)
      • Withered Limbs
      • Stumpfoot (for Left and Right Feet)
    • Skin Textures (All with Bump Maps, Except Eyes and Teeth):
      • Five Head Textures (for David and Stephanie Petite, each 4000 x 2720):
        • Regular Head Texture
        • Eye-Rot for Right Eye
        • Eye-Rot for Left Eye
        • Eye-Rot for Both Eyes
        • Skin-Rot
      • Two Body Texture Maps (3000 x 4000):
        • Male Body Texture for David
        • Female Body Texture for Stephanie
      • Genital Map (for David, 2048 x 1147)
      • Teeth Map (3000 x 3000)
      • Nine Eye Maps (512 x 512)
        • Blue
        • Brown
        • Diseased
        • Green
        • Grey
        • Light Grey
        • Hazel
        • Pink
        • Yellow
    • MAT Pose Files to Apply the Above Textures
    • Compatible with Poser 5 and 6



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