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Reinvent your renders with GlowWorm, a Python-powered plug-in for Poser 6. GlowWorm gives Poser the power to do batch and multipass rendering, two important staples of the CG industry. Easy to learn and full of possibilities, GlowWorm brings professional rendering techniques to your home!

Additional Information
Notes No
Compatible 3D Figures N/A
Compatible 3D Software Poser
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • Poser 6 SR3, Poser 7 only. Work conveniently inside of Poser.
  • Batch Rendering
    • GlowWorm automatically renders and saves images while you do other things
    • Create render jobs from PZ3/PZZ files or directories
    • Force render and image output settings on render jobs
    • Render multiple passes per scene
  • Multi-Pass Rendering
    • Gain precise control over your images without endless re-rendering
    • Compositing multiple passes allows you to make fast changes, add special effects and change lighting with high quality results.
    • Animators can use multiple passes to make changes that would be difficult and time consuming to make otherwise.
    • Choose from a variety of pre-configured passes, or add your own custom passes.
    • Render special effects passes using Particles 2 or Particles 3 figures.
    • Create customized passes that employ ShaderSpider's partial shaders.
  • Compatible with your favorite compositing software, from Photoshop to Project Dogwaffle to AfterEfects to the Gimp.
  • Open-and-go interface that is easy to learn and 'just makes sense.'
  • The GlowWorm suite contains:
    • A library-launcher that can be used to conveniently access GlowWorm.
    • Comprehensive documentation.
    • Eight (8) tutorials that range from basic to advanced.
    • Five (5) examples of compositing multipass renders (PSD files), complete with commentary.
    All tech support for this product is handled by the creator. Please direct all support related inquiries to Poseworks

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