Advanced Rigging in DAZ Studio 4 Pro

Advanced Rigging in DAZ Studio 4 Pro

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    It's here at last-- 'Advanced Rigging in DS4 Pro'!

    This manual covers a variety of topics. Although it is intended primarily for people who make (or want to make) add-ons for Genesis, it contains information useful to anyone who uses DAZ Studio and wants to gain a better understanding of 'how things work'-- for instance, 'Why do these boots look so terrible when I bring them into DS with the Transfer Utility?'

    Some of the topics included are:

    **Tips for modelers on how to model items so that the smoothing modifier doesn't "mash" details or cause distortions;

    **A discussion of topology;

    **Enhanced Remote Control (ERC);

    **Refinements to rigging such as joint orientation;

    **And much more.

    There is also a complete section on geo-grafting, with step-by-step instructions for creating geo-grafts-- whether the graft in question is a simple pair of horns, or a replacement body-part that moves and poses-- as well as section on scale maps and on using ERC to create rigging adjustments to geo-grafts for specific figure shapes that are applied automatically when the FBM for that shape is applied to Genesis.

    The manual is profusely illustrated, and comes in .PDF format, with bookmarks and table of contents.

    Note: This manual is written with the assumption that you are already familiar with the basics of using the DAZ TriAx rigging system covered in Rigging Original Figures in DS 4 Pro —grouping, setting up “bones,” weight-mapping, etc.

    Comments About this Manual:

    This tutorial is clear, concise and above all complete. I was especially thrilled to see a full explanation of Geo-Graphting. I feel ready to take on even the most complex rigging job now. . -- Khory

    'A nice read... having this sort of information to demystify the process makes me want to give it a go.' --Jack Tomalin

    'I'm not one that works with modeling or rigging very often, but the tutorial is written and presented in a way that makes understanding of topics even for newcomers such as myself. A great follow up to the basics, with awesome explanation of the issues which arise with advanced rigging!' --DimensionTheory

    Blondie has provided another informative guide that covers some of the issues rarely covered with Genesis content creation. In addition to discussing rigging techniques and geografting, she adds the bonus of discussing best practices of how to design content for use with Genesis with examples of problems that can occur if clothing or props are designed a certain way. With this, this guide is really a must have for people wanting to design clothing, props or geografted items for Genesis but didn't know where to start.' --Male_M3dia

    What's Included and Features

    • 102 Pages, Lavishly Illustrated, in .PDF Format with BookMarks
    • Topics Covered:
      • Modeling Considerations
        • Mesh Unity
        • Mesh Density, Collision, and Smoothing
        • Overlays and Detailing
        • Taming the Smoothing Demon
        • Topology
      • Smoothing, Collision, and Smoothing Interval
        • Solving Clothing Problems
        • Preventing Wrinkle and Rumple Morphs from Being 'Eaten' by the Smoothing Modifier
      • Joint and Rigging Refinements
      • Enhanced Remote Control (ERC)
      • Geo-Grafting (Complete, Step-by-Step Instructions)
      • How to Create Scale Maps
      • Using ERC to Correct Geo-Graft Rigging for Specific Figure Shapes


    • This product includes:
      • 1 General Installer

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