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I made a simple set of wall pieces in the vertex modeller to assemble interiors. I used C8.5 vertex modeler and exported them as obj files to be imported into Poser 9. Then, in Poser 9, I assembled a simple office by parenting the poeces to a square floor. I then saved the set to the Poser Library. The resulting prop loads from the library fine in poser. However, when I access the same Poser library in C8.5 beta, the walls rise to infinity. A Poser render and C8.5 render are attached.

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    Hi diomede64 :)

    I've done a couple of tests, but I can't reproduce this issue..
    could you explain the process a bit more.?

    Are these separate "Walls", exported as OBJ,....or a whole room ?
    What modelling process are you using,.
    EG :drawing the shapes, then extruding, or,.. make a box, extrude it as needed., or, using a plugin like Archi-tools

    have you tried adding a ceiling.

    also,.. do you have the most recent service pack (3.1) for Poser 9.

    If the model is something you can post a link to, then you can PM me and I'll have a look at it.

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    area render view

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    I started over - same problem. This is what I did. In carrara, I inserted a vertex object. I constructed a grid, 2 by 10 on the UVs to get a single line of squares. I extruded with linked polygons several times to get a rectangle. I filled the polygon at the bottom. (method is pointless for the rectangle base wall but I like it for windows and doors and such). I exited the vertex modeler, renamed the object and exported it as an OBJ. In poser, I imported the obj file. I then duplicated it 3 times for four walls (which I have colored differently). I used a poser primitive box as the floor. I parented each of the walls to the floor box. I saved the floor box to the poser props library, making sure to check all of the wall pieces in the subset dialogue. I closed the poser file.

    In Poser, I started a new file and imported the multi-piece prop from the library. Everything worked fine.

    In Carrara, I started a new file and went to the poser runtime with my saved prop. I loaded the same multipiece prop. Again, the walls go to infinity.

    I am using the Poser 9sr3 (not PoserPro). Carrara 8.5 beta (172?)

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    New try. Problem narrowed down. I repeated the process, but used all Carrara imports in Poser as pieces to assemble the prop. In other words, this time I did not use the Poser primitive box as the floor. In Carrara, when I loaded the resulting multipiece prop (made up of all OBJs exported from Carrara), the walls do not rise to infinity. I guess there is some problem between the poser primitive box as the parent and the imported OBJs as the children in the multipiece prop loaded from the poser library in Carrara.

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    HI diomede64 :)

    After a couple of tries and reading your notes, I finally managed to reproduce this.

    The problem here is the poser primitive, or rather the scaling that is being done to make it fit as a floor for the walls.

    As you've found out, making a floor in carrara, or any other modeller, will work much better,.
    I'm not aware of any products which make use of poser primitives,.. apart from example scenes supplied with poser.
    and this is probably one of the main reasons for that.

    Poser isn't a modeller, and it's probably not a great idea to Mix modelled objects with scaled primitives.

    In Carrara,, (motion tab) the scale of the loaded prop from poser, shows that the whole object is being scaled wrongly, presumably because the "Parent" object, is the "Scaled" Box primitive.

    In Carrara, you can build a simple floor or ground, or even a small terrain, and export that as an obj,
    then you could export the buildings, as individual objects,. then assemble those in poser as needed.

    Primitives are primitives, and any "virtual" scaling that is done on a primitive, is only virtual,.
    to edit the shape of a primitive it either needs to be edited in a modeller, or exported (from poser) as an obj and imported again as a model. not a primitive.

    The same issue can be seen in Carrara,.. if you use a Primitive,.

    for example,. if you create a Primitive cube in carrara, then scale it,.. then Convert that to a vertex object (edit / Convert to other modeller / vertex modeller) then in the vertex modeller, what you'll see is the "original" cube, without any scaling, since the assembly room scale of objects doesn't effect the "real" scale of the model.

    to change the scale / shape of a model, it needs to be edited in a modeller.

    Hope that makes sense :)

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    Thanks, makes sense. I tend to only use poser for the dynamic cloth and a few other odds and ends. I just thought it would be nice to make some pre-fab set pieces that I could assemble in Poser if I had characters with dynamic clothes and then use the poser runtime as the source for the same resulting sets. It works, I just need to avoid using the primitives. Not a big deal, but still an unexpected surprise. I really appreciate your help.

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    No Problem :)

    Glad to help.

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