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Add on for Zombie... Does it include the ripped jeans?

Serene NightSerene Night Posts: 8,352
edited December 1969 in The Commons

I'm loving the add-on for Zombie. But are the ripped Zombie jeans included? Can't tell..


  • thd777thd777 Posts: 541
    edited December 1969

    Nope. It is "just" poses and splatters. You can tell what is included by checking the "What's Included & Features" tab.
    It looks to me that the jeans are the ones from "Mr. Hyde".

  • Serene NightSerene Night Posts: 8,352
    edited December 1969

    Yeah, wasn't sure. The jeans are so prominent I was hopeful they were included as one of the props, since they are in every picture. Guess it is better than the zombies running around nekkid!

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