How to replace heads ?

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I'm trying to replace the Genesis head with the one on the right of the pic but run out of options ! All help much apppreciated....


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    It's a V4 morph to get V4 morphs into Genesis you need the Gen X plugin and the V4 for it plus all the needed morphs for the V4 to use that face morph (Morphs++ or what was listed for full use of the face morph).

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    Ah thanks missed that, I've got all the V4 stuff fortunately....

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    Seems to me like these morphs have versions for different figures.
    If you have Victoria5, dial her up and apply GFX2-01-V5. If you don't have her, dial up the basic female that comes with genesis and apply GFX2-01-BasicFemale. Likewise there's also a GFX2-01-V4Shapes for use on Victoria4.
    All three combinations should have approximately the same result (in this example headshape GFX2-01).

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    So right, I missed that!! Set Genesis to V5 then use the V5 morph. Should work 100%.

    EDIT: Sorry about that, I had a head full of Parameter settings from what I had just stopped doing.

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