downloadable products - which ones do I need?

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Hi all!
I've just bought Michael5, and I'm lost in all the files in my downloadable products :lol:

I want to use it only in Daz Studio, on Windows, and I don't use meta data
Soooo :
***Mac : I know I can forget those ones :P
***Poser Companion*** : I'm fairly sure I can forget them too
***DSON Core*** : ???
***Legacy*** : ???
Basically, should I download DSON files and/or Legacy files?

Thanks for your help!


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    Which version of DAZ Studio are you using? If it 4.5 then download all the DSON files.

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    Poser companion files are needed by Poser Users
    Legacy files are needed by users of DS 4 and previous.
    DSON core files are needed for DS 4.5 (and also by Poser users.)

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    I use DS 4.5. Thank you very much for your answers! :-)

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