Unable to reach my Wishlist.

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This has been happening for some time now.
I can reach any part of the DAZ 3D sire, but I am unable to get my wishlist.
Whenever I try I get the following results:

"This website is offline
No cached version is available

The most likely causes:
•The server is down for maintenance
•There may be a network problem
•The site may be experiencing excessive load"

I have tried multiple times by deleting cookies, history, and by reloading..... and in different browsers.
Is the reason for this that there is so much (too much) traffic on this website? That sounds reasonable.
Any help here, other than work on the website?



  • atticanneatticanne Posts: 2,940
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    Sounds like people are busily checking their wishlists and either buying or adding like crazy.

  • BendinggrassBendinggrass Posts: 913
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    I'm adding too..... :)
    I sure wish I could see my wishlist though, because it would save a whole lot of searching.

  • ChoholeChohole Posts: 27,942
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    Whatever is causing this for you, it is not a normal problem. You are the only one reporting this probelm.

    Try Clearing your cache, because the error report is about cached pages. Close you browser, clear your cache and then restart your browser and try again. If that still does not sort it out, try doing it again, but this time reboot your PC as well.

    You have something that is just hanging around in your cache that needs to be got rid of.

  • MattymanxMattymanx Posts: 5,274
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    Clear your cache.

    I have had that happen before and everytime it has I cleared my cache and it was fixed.

  • SpottedKittySpottedKitty Posts: 5,871
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    My wishlist just vanished. Anyone else getting the same? I've put in an aaaiiieee-mail to tech support, but it's so late in the DAZ day I doubt if anything will happen before Monday.

    < sigh > How many months, now?

  • RedHeadLilithRedHeadLilith Posts: 0
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    I had it this problem before , after a few hours it was back to normal again, I noticed there is some slowness on the site today ,takes longer for pages to load, could be they are making some changes to the site this is why .

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