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The free figures that can be downloaded at Daz are LE versions (Aiko3, Millenium Subdragon), some are SR1 LE (Millenium Big Cat and Horse). In my runtime I also have a Michael3 SR1 and a Victoria3 SAE.
I noticed in the freepository that some freebies come in two versions, A3 and A3LE, so they must be different, yet Aiko3LE is the only avaible A3 ?
Are they light versions, or updated versions ? How are they different ?


  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 43,462
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    Mostly the LE version will be the same mesh and rigging as the full version but will not have the morphs. The SRs are service releases - updates to fix issues - so you want the latest of those - SAE for V3 and SR2 for M3. I think SR1 is right for the Horse and Big Cat.

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    Thank you, Richard !

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    Very useful information, thank you!

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