DS4 - 32bit update to 64bit

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hi there...
i have just upgraded from the 32bit free ver of DS4...running under wine...to the 64bit free ver....still running under wine

will i loose all my past working files...?...is there anything i should be aware of...?

i renamed my past content library - which was setup under the 32bit DS4 -
installed DS4 64bit...
and then replaced the installed content directory with the past directory...by...reverting the name back again

this seemed to work and content is the same as in the 32bit DS4...

my scene files however...hang up and crash DS4 64bit...after opening the scene

...visually... the scenes look as they did under the 32bit DS4....and seems like everything is ok...the fatal error

this maybe a wine issue

- just asking about the switch from 32bit to 64bit...


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    Mind you I don't use WINE, but I actually had the same issue when I upgraded from 32bit to 64bit with the app crashing when loading an old scene. It was sporadic though and if I tried again it would often work, then I would save it so the file was updated to the new version (in my case I was going from also upgrading daz versions by an increment so I figured that could have been the issue)

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