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I have DS3 & 4 but I'm still not comfy using 4...anywho....I have got my lights to place shadows....I have remembered how to move them to place the shadows...but I would like the shadows a little "softer"...used to be able to remember how but I have forgotten what to set to what in DS 3 on the light's


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    You can change the shadow Type to Raytraced or Shadow Map. Raytraced will be more accurate, but will take longer to render.

    The Shadow Softness slider is just underneath that.

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    Thanks for the reply...though I guess I will just keep working on matter what I set it to the "shadow" will look (dim) light grey on the floor (yopu can see the texture of the floor) and when it bends up to a wall it looks (dark) black and obscures the texture of the wall that its being cast on...does that make sense?

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    I think I understand. A picture is worth a thousand words they say, can you post an image here. Just use the Browse button below where you type your post, and navigate to it on your machine.

    What light or light sets are you using?

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    Fisty's Dev Lights...super simple and I had modified them to soften the shdows but can't remember how....maybe by adding a point light? Or another distant light?

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    When you say "soften" do you mean you don't want the shadows so "sharp" around the edges, if so then on the Main Light turn up the Shadow Softness slider to around 15% to 20%.

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    It isn't so much the sharpness on the edges....more the opacity of the you can see opacity of the shadow is consistant on the floor and "drape" in the setting...the drape is sheer also...but when it gets to the wall its so dark you can barely see the walls texture...I guess I am just looking to have the consistancy of the shadow uniform in its opacity...and most shadows are more light and fade as they get farther away...not get darker lol.

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    DS doesn't have an option to lower shadow intensity. What I do is set a light, with no shadows, that's as bright as I want the fully shadowed areas, pointing in the right direction and probably set to Diffuse only, then I make a new light and in the More options area I choose the Copy selected light option. The second light is parented to the first, set to On for illumination, and set to cast shadows, then the Intensity is adjusted so that it plus the fill-in light give the full desired illumination.

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    You can create a light with more control in shader mixer and control the shadow intensity, color.

    Just follow the pictures below. I've made a simple example with 2 lights, one with blue shadow and the other light grey

    Just be carefull to put a bias > 0 as it is at -1 by default

    However I'm not sure that it will solve your problem

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    Thanks for the answers and examples! I will definitely give these ideas a try! : )

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