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Imposible to obtain good result
Posted: 23 October 2012 06:54 AM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 46 ]
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It is a bad custom Kendall. As software developer a lot of years ago, I came from an age when the things goes fine or not. This is, are good or bad. Runs or fail. And there was not middle points.

In serious software for bussines we never sell a software that for example let you to enter 2.500.000 clients, for later say to the user that he can’t create invoices for them… because he has entered too much clients. LOLLOL:lol:In that case we would limit the number of clients to avoid the user lose time making a work that is mining his own work.

Is not a question about must or must not use my work. It is a question about a user have made that work spending hours, and that cost effort and money. A correct developer value the work of their users. If not, is not a profesional. Is only a child playing to program.

There is a golden rule that someone has forgotten. “The software is maked to help you. Not for make you work for it.”. The other is ( was ) “If something does not run well, don’t put it”.

I only wanted to model and render. But since June I have been learning what is msvcrt.dll, msvc90.dll, msvc100.dll, the DLL HELL, the WinSxS system, The .NET framework problems with the C++ redistributable updates 2005, 2008 and 2010, the corruption of the side-by-side libraries tables, and much more. I didn’t want to know what is 3delight. I know it because has appeared in the great part of my errors. And if this is a robust technology, well… I can’t work.

I have download today the Reality 2, and now when I try to load an .OBJ with Hexagon, appears an error saying that there is a problem with MSVC90.dll.tongue rolleye

The third golden rule is that a program that crash without its own controls to avoid it, is a ..... yes. I can’t put the word here. Sorry. Is not an insult. The profesionals know that a crash it is the most evident sample of bad software.

If my software has errors, my clients don’t want explanations. They say me that they don’t want programming courses. That they want sollutions. Well, this is the difference.


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