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So, I want to apply a symbol (like Superman's S) to the supersuit. Going through the forums, it looks like this is actually a little trickier than you'd think it would be given that, y'know, there's a focus on creating superheros.
the method I was able to piece together was that I should use the layered image editor, and apply the image (which is considered a texture, am I right?) to the surface of the character (genesis) itself, then displace the image through the suit.
I've managed to apply the symbol to the model, but I don't see how I can displace it outward.



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    Use a greyscale/black and white image. Then, instead of putting it on the 'diffuse' channel, place it on the bump or displacement channels (under surfaces). Them you will have a slider for strength...set it to 100%...then a min and max value...set the min to something like -0.25 or so and the max to 0.5 to 0.75.

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    Hi :)

    The displacement image (texture map) should be placed on the model you want to have the displacement. EG the supersuit,..
    NOT to the figure wearing the suit.

    In simple terms, Displacement, uses a Grey-scale, or (black and white) image to alter the shape of the 3D model, (without modelling it)

    This allows you to create images to effect the shape of a model, whether that's the tread on a wheel,. or the bricks on a building, or the veins on a figures hands,...

    Hope it helps :)

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