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I'm about to start updating my older content to the new versions a question about have a files.question about Legacyy installers.

From what I understand this is what you do for installs.

DAZ Studio 4 users install the Legacy files.

DAZ Studio 4.5 users install the DSON Core files.

Poser users install the DSON Core & Poser Companion files.

Now the question is what do you install if you are using 4.5 of Daz,, the older DS 3, Poser Pro 2010, Poser Pro 2012,, & Carrara on a computer and the item in question is for a Gen 4 character and you want to be able to use that item with Carrara and your older version of Pose & DS, but you want to have the DSON Core version and the CF files for when you use PoserPro 2012 & DS 4.5.

Do you install all 3 into your runtime?


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    Yes, if there are DS3 versions they'll be in the Legacy installer. If there are native Poser versions there will be a dpc version.

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