Genesis and the new DSON Importer

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I purchased the V5 Pro Bundle Suit and the Creator Creator Morphs as well as the G4 Shapes ...

Some itmes of the V5 Pro Bundle Suite such as Gabi and Tori come with ds installers so in the description it says DSON Importer..
So I assumed it was ok to buy the bundle.

What do I do now with those DS installers for Gabi, Tori and some Poses.

Gabi for example, her Mats from the Pose folder wont apply and I can not find tori.

I am confused.

To be on the safe side * I am a Mac user just to mention that * I installed all in my Poser Content Runtime which is located in Users: Shared / Poser Pro 2012 Content.

Help please?


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    Hi Petra
    Have you got this sorted out yet? I let the installers install in my Poser2012 Content Folder in my Applications folder. I previously had been installing everything in my Poser6 Runtime-and just added that as a Runtime- the installers did install Genesis there-but gave error messages in many other cases. So I gave up and let them put things in the P2012 Content. So far-so good. Except for the Neanderthal-that product is incomplete-unless you buy it directly from Cath Harders on her homepage.
    Let me know if you found your items.If not I can go through and find them-then let you know where to look


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    Most ist sorted:)
    I only installed the DSON Importer into Poser Pro 2012 itself and created an external Runtime for Genesis and the products.

    Poser Pro 2012 keeps crashing a lot , mostly when I try to parent an item like Wings to Genesis.

    Hope there will be a fix soon.

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