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The DAZ PC Outcast Club

Dream CutterDream Cutter Posts: 1,156
edited October 2012 in The Commons

This thread is for PC Members who through the convoluted renewal process, were outcast from the PC and want to share the pain & insult. :sick:

>> Welcome to DAZ PC purgatory <<</p>

Its not fun being cast out, but maybe there are others? Maybe enough for a party? :coolgrin:

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  • larsmidnattlarsmidnatt Posts: 4,430
    edited December 1969

    Alas I was once in this group, however it all got fixed and I'm ok now. I still would like to join in the party if food is involved.

    My sympathies.

  • Dream CutterDream Cutter Posts: 1,156
    edited October 2012

    Thanks Lars... Dont know how this got so screwed up. I purchased the $99 PC Annual and submitted service ticket for the refund of the renewal rate difference. I got the $30 credited to my account, but also got PC privileges revoked at same time. Surely a mistake and not a intentional reduction in benefits for the recently renewed. ;)

    moral of this story - dont renew your PC if its still active during a big sale event!

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  • ChoholeChohole Posts: 24,669
    edited October 2012

    Instead of making a thread in the forums, why do you not do the simple thing and contact Customer Service and explain the problems that you're having with your membership.

    The people who can help you get reconnected to your membership do tend to spend their time solving problems rather than reading the forums.

    THis does happen sometimes when you get a credit issued.

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  • Dream CutterDream Cutter Posts: 1,156
    edited December 1969

    I did submit a support ticket, thanks Chohole. However the purpose of the thread is to illustrate the severity of the problems related to the admin of the PC through the new e-store. By not also complaining here,the experience would not be shared with others with a heads up so that they be proactive and attempt to avoid the situation a/l together.

    Final point, nothing rids bugs like shining a bright light in the problem areas. Lets face it, this store has a serious bug infestation and its dragged on way to long. Its improved a some, but not enough. (Hmm sounds like Mitt said that.)

  • larsmidnattlarsmidnatt Posts: 4,430
    edited December 1969

    chohole said:

    THis does happen sometimes when you get a credit issued.

    Yep, and after it happened to me once the next time I asked for a store credit I told them to be sure not to kick me out of the club! Not sure that had any impact on the end result.

    I just got another refund/store credit recently and I am still part of the club fortunately. I'm waiting to do a big renewal until after the PC anniversary because I'm not certain they won't wait till the last week and offer some type of incentive. They probably will not but I'm curious just to see.

  • frank0314frank0314 Posts: 10,003
    edited December 1969

    This topic has been discussed at great length in several different threads. DAZ is aware of the problem and is working on fixing it. The only way of dealing with it at this moment is to file a support tick and they will get it fixed in a timely manner. This thread is now being locked.

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