Rendering Problem!!

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It's probably something really stupid but i am new and just can't figure it out!
When i render all i am ending up with is a black screen...

Any help would be hugely appreciated this is for an assignment!


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    Whilst rendering, are you i the render/shader tab?
    is there an image in the preview screen?
    did the programme crash whilst rendering?
    which renderer are you using? 3delight? one of the others?
    is there an arcitectural bit in front of the camera?

    Studio will render with the "preview" light, the only times I get the black render is when there's a wall in the way. (so far)
    Some of the non-3delight engines do use up a bit of memory, double check what's availiable on your system.

    Sometimes I have to shut down the sidebar as it's a bit memory intensive.
    I do hope you've saved the scene, try rendering with 3delight, then move on to the others?
    Studio does let you spot render to check for camera blockage.
    the best of luck to ye.


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    How many lights do you have in the scene?

    Try to minimize the Render window so you can see the Render Status window, then, move it to the side so when you restore the Render window, it's not covered up. The Render window will just show a black screen until the Render Status window says "Rendering..." Before a render begins, you'll see the Render Status calculating the shadow maps, etc.

    I've had to wait for almost five minutes while shadow maps are calculating before the actual render begins.

    Hope that helps!


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    Have you used area lights? They make a light dummy that will light up DS but not the render.

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