Parkside Wishlist

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The Parkside series is very versatile set.

We have turned it to a high school, a hospital, and public buildings such as a train station. But being greedy, I want more.

So here is my requests.

- First, more East Park Mats- to have a living breathing town,
Besides I also want a classroom to finish East Parkside High

- A Library Int&Ext;, do you know how creepy a library can be?

- A Town/City Hall, Int&Ext;
- A Church, Int&Ext;
- A Bank, Int&Ext;
- A Court House, Int&Ext;
I'm very glad that this series forcus more on public buildings rather homes, Believe it or not, public buildings don't change architechural styles as fast as homes do. So this series can easily be used for scenes within the last 100 years. It is sorely needed in our little 3D world.


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    i have a few items for the parkside wishlist:

    all items with parkside and eastpark textures
    -a gasstaion in/out
    -a bar in/out
    -a policestation in/out
    -a Military base with different buildings, vehicles etc. in/out
    -an old mill/saw mill in/out
    -a Resort/hunting cabin in/out
    -a jail in/out
    -a suburban house in/out
    -a mall in/out the Shops could be own props
    -a theme park
    -an Office(building) in/out
    -a factory in/out
    -a (night)Club in/out
    -a great hall for a ball like a basketballcourt in/out
    -a Hotel in/out
    -an exclusive Restaurant in/out

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    Is see a need for Silent Hill renders here. Nothing wrong with that but I see that as the goal.

  • Azure_ZeroAzure_Zero Posts: 45
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    I have to agree in that I would like to see more Parkside stuff

    Though I'll Admit I would like to see more Internal/External pairings.

  • Serene NightSerene Night Posts: 11,817
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    I'd love some futuristic textures to Parkside/west park.

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