Hint: How to load problematic Poser Figures to Carrara

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Maybe some of you already experienced that sometimes, particular Poser Figures (e.g. clothes) load up to 100 % and instead of appearing in your scene, you receive an error message - something about "object is null" or something like that.

I had this with single pieces of these products:
http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/salome/69935 (here the chest/neck piece caused trouble).
http://www.daz3d.com/shop/earth-warden (here the arms didn't load)

I found out how to solve that problem (for those who don't know, alerady)

1) Save that Figure you want to use in Carrara as Poser scene
2) Then go to Carrara and import it to your scene.
3) Remove all the unwanted Poser relics, like light, cams and so on ...
4) I usually drop the figure into my Carrara "My Object" library and all is well for the future use. Just note that it can take some time until the figure loads into Carrara.

Maybe it helps.
I just would love to know, what caused the trouble in the first place...

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    I've seen different theories... some say it's a geometry problem, as it's often custom head related, but when I open up the injection code of the problem head or whatever, it looks different from the code of what properly opened like the body. It appears to be missing code symbols and there are lots of spaces. So I'm thinking 3D Universe Injection Magic is not working properly or the merchants are missing a step. Poser ignores the code errors but Carrara doesn't. But if you do as you say, which I do and have done, everything comes in fine. Poser seems to fix the problem or Carrara just accepts what it's getting from Poser without being as finicky as it would loading the file itself maybe.

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    Thank you for explaining this. Makes sense when I look at the error message. This is probably also the reason why, even if I used the workaround, the particular carrara object still takes forever to load.

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