Elite Morphs for Genesis

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HI Folks,

I have just started working with the 'new' Genesis figure, and I have most of the Morph packs, but I cannot seem to find any of the old Elite morphs from the V4 figure such as 'utopian' morph which I tend to use alot in my character creations.

I thought that the Elite morphs would be part of the V4 / M4 shapes pack but they are not.

So 1st question are the old Generation Elite morphs available for Genesis, and if so could somebody provide me with a link.




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    As far as I know such a product doesn't exist, but you could convert the M4/V4 morphs with Genesis Generation X.

  • swordkensiaswordkensia Posts: 315
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    Okay thanks araneldon, I have been working myself up towards buying Gen X for several days now, so I guess its time to buy, jump in, and get converting.!!!.



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