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Hello there,

So, I'm giving my first steps on DAZ, trying quite hard to learn something, but I came across a problem that I simply cannot solve.
It's very simple, which makes it even more frustrating :-|. Keep in mind that I'm a layman though.

It's about opacity maps, I cannot use them properly and apparently I can't use the opacity strength slider properly too.

Let me explain. I'm trying to add an opacity map to a texture, but somewhy as soon as I add the opacity map the respective area messes up: Areas that aren't supposed to be transparent get so, even with the opacity slider at 100% and the majority of the map white.
I tried to use the opacity map as a texture, to see if it's black and white where it's supposed to be transparent and opaque, and it's alright.

It seems the slider in itself it's working strangely too: if I put it at around 98%, a big part of the texture suddenly gets transparent

Any help would be awesome,

Cheers. ;-)


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    OpenGL (which is what is used for the viewport) has problems displaying multiple opacity maps. Does it look correct when you render using 3delight (software render)?

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    Yeah, it does! Good thing it was so easy :-D

    Thank you for the help. :-)

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