Metal Stilletto Boots For V5 Warps Aiko's Feet

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Okay, I just had to completely create an Aiko Genesis character because I discovered after the fact of building, clothing and saving everything that for some reason, the Metal Stilletto Boots For V5 I used as her footwear seemed to have permanently warped her toes.

I don't know why that happened, but this is definitely the first time I've seen a Genesis product do it. What's even more odd is that when I first applied the boots to the shaped figure, there was poke through at the end on the "pinkie" toe and had to scale the toe of the boots themselves just to fix it. Not once in my process were any kind of "Fit Toes to Shoes" morphs used.

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    In the Parameters tab click on the menu, and select Show Hidden. Then select Currently Used, and look for "DXFitBoots", and change the slider back to 0.

    DX30 includes this hidden morph in the foot pose preset. There is normally a "Zero" pose preset also that will zero out the parameter.

    Hope this helps... :)

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    Is it just the one saved figure that has bent feet, or newly loaded figures? I suspect you've either Memorised the figure with (if it's just this one) or used the Save modified assets (if it's all figures) with the morph applied. Either way, the morph won't show as Used - you'll have to go to All, then type part of the name (boot, maybe) into the filter box and zero. If it's just the one figure, save it again; if it was all figures, make sure everything else is also in its default state and go to File>Save As>Support Asset(s)>Save modified assets.

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    Yes, the issue was the hidden put in place by the boots themselves. I'm just ashamed I didn't realize this sort of phenomena by now... :red:

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