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Trying to multiply work while rendering
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I re-installed my DS 4 on my imac 10.6.7.  Now I am learning to do some animation.  i realized that while you are rendering you cannot do anything ( creating another figure, setting another scene in the viewport, etc ) with the studio.

So, i have some questions here. 

if i were to get another desk top/ lap top and install another DS studio to work simultaneously, it has to be Mac ( not Window ) and DS 4, right? since every file I purchased and downloaded are in the Mac and for DS 4 format, that means if I copy the DAZ 3D file and use on another machine it has to be same, right? ( Unless once I downloaded the Mac formats its identity as “mac” is done and become universal? )

Or, we cannot have the existing DS 4 pro and a DS 4.5 running on the existing Imac, right?

Thanks in advance for your tips.

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In fact Mac or Windows would work - anything that’s available for DS for the Mac, and that is platform sensitive, is pretty much bound to be available for Windows and content is certainly cross-platform. You will, I think, need a second license for DS to have both running at once - content should be OK though, as far as I am aware.


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I’d set the content up on a Network Attached Storage device that would be accessible from any machine attached to your network.  That way it wouldn’t matter what the OS is on any given machine, as long as it can read the NAS, it can use the content.


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