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Question Time, the Return!  Morphs and Parenting
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Back again for more! smile  After a fruitful night of purchases (which I really couldn’t afford, but that’s my own darn fault), I now have the Nano Suit for Genesis. What I don’t have, though, is nay way to hide the helmet.  The readme says the nano suit comes with morphs to hide the helmet and the visor, but I have no idea how to get morphs to work.

Also, how does one parent a prop to a character?  I’d like to have a character holding a weapon, but have no idea how to make the weapon stay in place in relation to the hand.  Any advice would be most welcome. smile

Thanks again for all your help!

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Hi jerriecan smile

Morphs normally work by adjusting a slider control in the “parameters” section.

select the clothing and go to parameters. look down the list of morph controls.

To parent an object to a figure’s hand,. you would open the “Scene” tab, and then drag the prop in the list,. and drop it onto the figure’s hand in the list.
this makes the prop a “Child” of the hand,. so when the hand moves, the prop also moves.

Hope it helps smile