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Really odd…
Posted: 14 October 2012 08:35 AM   [ Ignore ]
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Running DS 32 bit in Wine (Vista as version of Windows). 

Saved a character preset, which went as normal, but the little banner that shows up on the icon in the library says ‘Wardrobe’ as opposed to ‘Actor’.  The last one saved was in and it said ‘Actor’.

I just deleted and resaved the preset 3 times, to makes sure that everything was working right.  The file naming box opened in my character save directory, the options box said Character Preset and the save itself looked like it was writing the correct data for a character (if you look closely at what is flipping past as it’s writing you can see what it is doing at the time…part of the 3 times in a row was to try to read all of that).  Also, loading from a blank scene will load the character complete with Genesis or if there is a Genesis figure in the scene, the ‘load or apply’ dialog box will pop up.

The ‘header’ info in the duf file is…

"file_version" "",
"asset_info" {
"id" "/Presets/Characters/mjc/Justn.duf",
"type" "character",
"contributor" {
"author" "mjc"

Materials and morphs are loading correctly.

So….just what determines which banner goes with the file? 



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