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I would like to try and maybe later buy Bryce but it seems I cant find how much Bryce costs.
It just shows 0.00$.


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    I am confused. Just downloaded Bryce, it seems to work, but no price.
    If Bryce 7 doesnt cost anything I appreciate it but I would not want illegal software on my computer.

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    Nothing illegal about it, Eirean. The nice people from Daz are giving us Daz Studio, Bryce and Hexagon for free.
    So get them al while it lasts !

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    Thats really nice but unusual/unexpected.

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    Somewhat out of date, but there was an article by DAZ 3D in this magazine, explaining the concept behind the 100% discount offer. The date has been extended several times since this article was printed.

    IF you actually "buy" Bryce 7 Pro, by taking it through the purchase process from the DAZ 3D store then you have the advantage of having the Download available in your account history, so it will be availalbe to you if you need to redownload for any reason, and will be able to get any updates that are made in the future

    Welcome to the wonderful world of Bryce.

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    Thanks for the links.
    I wasnt aware of the great offer.

    I think having Bryce for free can help to make new artists but also sell more additions to Bryce like Shaders, Materials, Plugins etc.

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