BVH Exporting problems

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Because I'm new to DAZ Studio I can only assume I'm doing something wrong.

When I export BVH files and import them into other animators, only the first frame of the animation works.

Other file formats do not seem to be exporting correctly either.

What am I missing?


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    I imported an BVH file that I exported from Mixamo. As an FBX the animation worked fine but as an imported BVH it was all choppy and hopping all over the place although there was no character distortion.

    Have you tried exporting as an FBX?

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    I tried exporting it into Blender as an FBX. The animation was spastic and I couldn't seem to scale it so that I could even tell what was going on. There are other programs I think I can try that might support FBX so I'll give it a shot. Thanks for the reply.

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    I also should say that to get the FBX to work correctly in Unity I had to import the original FBX exported from DAZ in a T-pose and then add an FBX as animation skeleton only.

    I uploaded a DAZ morphed character as an FBX in a T-pose to Mixamo and attached an animation. I export from Mixamo online in FBX for Unity skinned. It would work fine in Autodesk FBX Viewer but when I tried use in Unity the animation was there but the morphs that I had baked on in the export FBX phase from DAZ had either disappeared or distorted. To fix that I imported the original mesh in FBX T-pose created by DAZ, re-exported the uploaded FBX I added a animation to from Mixamo as Unity FBX animation skeleton only and then imported and added this FBX to the T-pose FBX in Unity. So there is something wrong with Mixamo's skinned exports if you ask me.

    I have exported DAZ characters in the past, even before the FBX plugins improvements, as FBX with Animate2 animations baked on and they work fine in Unity 3D.

    So DAZ seems to be best at handling FBXs when it comes to Unity. I don't understand why different programs act so different as with the FBX plugin API available from Autodesk you just plug it in to your app and the same mesh would work the same no matter which program you use.

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    There used to be a bug in BVH export but it should be fixed now. Which version of DAZ Studio are you using?
    Edit: in fact I tried it just now and it seems to work. I'm on, win 32 bits.

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