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I have a suggestion for the store. Can you please reset our downloads for all of the products we have purchased as they become DSON-compatible, please?


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    I went through the 'DSON' product list, opened a new browser tab for every product. Then comes the magic. I have a tool (Chrome browser plugin) which lets me know, in-page, if I bought any item (or a bundle that includes that item) and adds a reset link onto the page for the product. I then closed all the tabs that I hadn't bought, and all but one for each bundle, and then clicked reset on all those pages, and went through and downloaded everything that had the new files.

    99 downloads, including the Poser Companion, the DSON Core, and the Legacy versions of all of them.

    It takes a long time. (I did things a little differently, and had a separate machine on a faster link do the downloads for me, and I'll sync the items to my computer later. Other folks could use Taozen's downloader, for example.)

    I don't think it would be a good idea to auto-reset. Not everybody cares about those items... I'm looking forward to them getting update notifications working, though.

    -- Morgan

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    Update notifications would be OK. However, it is hard to find the updated Genesis items that need to be reset, manually. Using "My Orders", you have to examine each order. Using "Itemized Order History", you have to know the exact item name, since there is no sort by order date, and my orders go back to 2003.

    Auto reset would be best.

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    You don't have to go back too far in your orders. Genesis content started showing up at last year's PC Anniversary sale. My first Genesis content purchase happened on 10/28/2011 when I acquired V5 Pro bundle. You should be using Taosen's free DAZ History Manager to reset your Genesis content. It even has a button to check for DSON updates! The utility works on Windows only.


    Just download it, extract the files a folder and launch DAZHistoryManager.exe.

    Enter your daz login name/password and click on the "Log in History" button. You'll get a message you're logged in, then click on the "Download Current History" button to download your purchase history. Has a button to check your cart for duplicates too.

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    Thanks Lindsey!! This will help.

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    Just note it is a copy of your history from DAZ which records bundles as a single purchase. So lookie here http://www.daz3d.com/forums/discussion/1779/ for AndyBerlin's Fun with Bundles list if you want to know what items were in a bundle.

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