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Will Daz be making a bridge to Mudbox?

Tye1980Tye1980 Posts: 73
edited December 1969 in Daz Studio Discussion

Just recently got the student edition of Mudbox and think it's fantastic but it seems difficult to go to and from D/S with it.


  • JimmyC_2009JimmyC_2009 Posts: 8,891
    edited December 1969

    DAZ 3D own Bryce and Hexagon, that is why there is a bridge in my opinion, so no, I very much doubt it.

    What difficulty are you having?

  • Tye1980Tye1980 Posts: 73
    edited December 1969

    the morph distorts Genesis when I try to pose it.

    the other reason I asked was since there was a zbrush one :-)

  • JimmyC_2009JimmyC_2009 Posts: 8,891
    edited December 1969

    How are you transferring the mesh from Mudbox? Do you get any error messages?
    Can you post a screenshot of your problem mesh?

    the other reason I asked was since there was a zbrush one

    There is no bridge to ZBrush, there is a plugin to both ZBrush and Photoshop, but whether that will be extended or not I have no idea. You would need to ask DAZ 3D directly using the link to Support above.
  • astu11astu11 Posts: 0
    edited December 1969

    Not exactly sure what you're trying to do within Mudbox, but in my experiences Daz integrates horribly with it - I love Mudbox for texture painting (often over Genesis), but they just don't play nicely together.

    Like I said, I mostly use Mudbox to paint textures. When I use Genesis from Daz, he gets a bit warped like you say (using .fbx format)... pretty sure it's due to something with the skeleton/skinning, but anyway you're best off to pose Genesis while still in Daz and then export to .obj and import that into Mudbox. That way, there's no skeleton and no warping.

    Hope this helps a little bit.

  • Tye1980Tye1980 Posts: 73
    edited October 2012

    one shows what happens when I pose it after using my morph, the other shows my morph (it's genesis hands only)

    587 x 509 - 128K
    1132 x 971 - 104K
    Post edited by Tye1980 on
  • mjc1016mjc1016 Posts: 14,741
    edited December 1969

    If the morph involves smashing the fingers together then you may have moved them off the bones. And that 'explosion' kind of looks like the bones aren't matching the shape, any longer. Have you tried going to Edit > Figure > Rigging > Adjust Rigging to Shape?

  • Tye1980Tye1980 Posts: 73
    edited October 2012

    it has it's hands going up instead of down :ohh:

    I used the three finger morph as a base though :-)

    Post edited by Tye1980 on
  • ReDaveReDave Posts: 815
    edited December 1969

    Your import export scale is off. On other figures a wrong scale should have no effect but Genesis is a bit strange, and it may have an effect (I haven't tried, I'm no good at morphs).
    Regarding bridges, Dan Farr, whom is DAZ3D's president, said they were going to work on a Maya exporter. Now that the Poser exporter is done they're probably going to do it. No idea what the interchange between Maya and Mudbox. If it's bad it may be the perfect time to request a Mudbox bridge in the bug-tracker at make an account and select "feature" as severity.

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