Poser Pro 2012 SR 3.1 & ReadyBoost

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Not a thorough test by any means but:

I was running Poser 2012 with no SR with no problem. Admittedly, I wasn't stressing it too much. Stock SSS from one of the rendo vendors.

I installed 3.1 and the program started crashing. Sometimes after the 3rd or 4th texture change. Sometimes after a render. Always when exiting Poser.

I turned off ReadyBoost and it seems to be working fine now.

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    Ive been using poser 2012 with SR 3.1 and 32gb ready boost and only had the very rare crash no more than before installing SR 3.1

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    I'm not really looking for a solution. Just sharing a possible solution for others having problems.

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