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clothifying figure parts

I like how one can clothify part of a rigged clothing item.
I am using Poser7
I do animations.
however the dyntomorphs python script cannot be used on a figure, only a prop so I cannot save my file and render later or export to Carrara, does anyone know some way to save the sim to at least be able to render it later in Poser as they take some time
(I am talking 3000 frames!)
I know clothifying the WHOLE item saved and reimported as a prop works but rigged and conformed just doing skirts, sleeve ends etc seperately looks so much better in an animation.

700 x 993 - 9M
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    My Video clicky and watchy!!

    yes, and I sneakily changed the thread title as you guys are so busy DSONing around with Genesis stuff, my sad little post would be unnoticed, :long:
    not a bump, Richard H, an UPDATE %-P
    I wanted to show what I cannot save, after taking about 20 hours to render it!!
    I would have to run the 3 sims AGAIN

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    I can' t help you with the question, but I enjoyed the video; great effect.... :)

    I've never encountered any nuns of that order; a pity...

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