FIguring out who a clothing figure is for

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I have lots of clothing figures that don't say who the clothing is for.
Is there a way to find this out with notepad ++ by lookng at the cr2 file? (or do I just have to google or use trial and error?)


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    search for readme on your computer and stick them all in one place!!
    I do this now and again because they install all over the place, then you have only one folder to search.

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    yes,, it is difficult,, so I have made many product meta-data for serch cr2 files ^^;

    actually sometimes I perfectly forgot the clothing which have no meta-data
    but I have gotten already. then watch catarogue, throw the item again in my wishlist.

    after that, when serch other clothings I may find my wishlist item is in my content tab^^;
    it make me a little happy :-)

    about some products, it has more pose file or material file that I did not notice.
    and,, some items are made not one artist, so they make their own folda name for the same item.
    poseworker>yourserch item> good pose
    texturelover> yourserch item>beautiful texture

    so I need keep all "read me" files in one folda, as wendy say,,
    and just serch it by fle exprorer serch. actually I ofen rely read-me for serch content.

    or make " pruduct" meta-data then gather all files about the product, and set-meta data.
    when you first install the items.

    (it is not so exciting,, and if you missed compatibility setting you may perfectly forget the item,,
    but,, it can help you to find your contents ^^; and if you feel happy your many product icon
    show up in smart content tab! do not you feel so?!)

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    You should be able to tell which Generation the clothing is for (V4 vs V3) because the gen 3 characters & earlier will have a buttock bone in the rigging for dresses; skirts; pants etc.

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    If you happened to install each product into it's own runtime folder instead of mixing them, you can easily locate the correct folder file by right-clicking on the content in the Content Library tab and selecting "browse to file location" from the mouse menu.

    I name the folders after the product, so this is often enough to identify the product immediately. If not, I then locate any readme file within the folder which often has this information, and last but not least if that still isn't enough I know the product name and can search for it in the DAZ store (if it happens to be a DAZ product, or elsewhere on the web for other products) for more information.

    (Of course if you combine runtimes or don't use the CMS this advice won't help you.)

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