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aaargh I've forgotten how to use pwCatch.

I have a plane under my character.....I apply the "pwCatch" then I go into pwCatch resources....I just want the shadows to fall on the plane which is then invisible when rendering.....I did this only a month ago,and now I can't remember what I did!!!!

Anyone help??


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    Try here -

    Its Poseworks online help guide which also comes with the Poseworks shaders but I can never remember where they install to.

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    thank you! dammit, i always lose that link - i'm positive i have it bookmarked, but i just LOSE IT. LOL

    is pwCatch not working with DS 4.5? I can get it to work in 4.0, but not 4.5

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    Same problem -- will not work in 4.5

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    I've used it in DS4.5.

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    How do you get it to work -- the light is set to cast ray traced shadows, the plane is selected both in the scene and surfaces, it changes to the color of whatever preset you choose == but when renderd it just renders as the plane in that colour

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    It works for me in DS4.5.1.6

    Load plane
    Select plane and plane surface
    Go to pwCatch folder, apply the Main shader
    Go into the subfolder, apply the last one (shadows only)
    Make sure your plane is under the feet of your figure and not 20 miles below (happened to me) and that the light throwing the shadow is pointing the way the shadow is on the plane (look through the light instead of the camera to find that one out)

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