Maintenance before ?

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Hi folks, I have had some trouble with Daz for a while now.
I believe some of my files are mixed up and corupted.
Should I go for, ( I am currently using 4.5., I started with 4 pro, when it first came out.)
Should I do a maintenance as described in the forum, before the new version?
Or just install.
Also, I have noticed that my 32 bit XP gets fragmented very quickly,
Perhaps I should change my Render library to an external hard drive.(I make many renders at 9 mb a piece.)
Once I am over 7% fragged Daz gets very wierd, It will not render in 3Delight, it just crashes.
Defragging does help.
If a scene is corrupted will it disapear after maintenace?
I am in the middle of illustrating some stories, so I am touchy about losing characters.


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    Do you mean scenes are corrupted, or your CMS database?

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    It does sound as though you have too mauch data on your HD, if you are having trouble with fragmented files.

    Defrag does not work well in XP if you haven't enough clear space for XP to move files around to.

    What percentage of your HD is free

    379 x 507 - 128K
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    Hi folks, sorry about the slow reply.
    I do have lots of HD space.
    The situation seems to come with large scenes, The Forest or Licorne in particular.
    I really like the products yet they will only render in 1.
    When i apply the fiery Genesis lights to them and adjust the scenes for render in 4, the message comes up -------PLEASE WAIT ------
    Dazexe has encountered a fatal error must shut down, or an insta crash, or an immediate render (Black) which seizes up the render engine.
    I have tried reinstalling the ship and woods and have had no luck.
    I am going install 4.5. o1 beta.
    I am getting some of my best Daz renders of all time - with some of my scenes, yet It's got me shy about putting anymore new content into the program.

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