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Hi first of all sorry for my english it's not my native language.
I have trouble logging in actually i'm on my phone -_-
Each Time i try to log in on my computeur it go back to the login page
Witout any kind of error message but i just seem to be stuck ><
I did the obvious cache clearing (twice) hell i éven uninstall my browsers and try with opéra/ie/chrome and firefox
I also Check every page in case one was log in but no luck

So i'm at loss here, a little help plz :)

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    You may need to log out in order to log in. Try going to your 'My Account' and see if you can log out from there then log in

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    No i can't the only way i can succefully log in is on my phone (or at work Oo)
    i tried every possible page on my computer to see of one was logged in and allow me to log out but no luck ><</p>

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    Close your Browser and clear recent history, cache at least and DAZ 3D cookies

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