Poser DSON Importer Loading Time

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The DAZ write-up states "Click on Genesis and load the figure. You will notice the first time you load the Genesis figure it loads slower than you may expect. Depending on your machine, and how many morphs and unique UV Maps you have installed for Genesis, it can take up to a minute. What is happening is a cache is being built so it will load faster the next time you load the figure. "

I am running an AMD quad-core machine. Have accumulated substantial amount of Genesis morphs, etc. over the past year (likely most of it due to reasonable, I think, desire to utilize Gen4 investment via GenX).

The following is from the log file that is generated by DSON Support inside Poser Pro 2012 (latest revision):

On the first Genesis load:
Loaded file: Genesis.duf
File loaded in 7 min 24.5 sec

On the second Genesis load:
File loaded in 3 min 27.7 sec.

On the third Genesis load:
File loaded in 2 min 32.8 sec.

On the fourth Genesis load:
File loaded in 2 min 33.3 sec.

Time to load Genesis in DS4.5? Seconds.
Time to load V4 in Poser? Seconds.

I am sure it will be much faster for those who have little Genesis content installed. I am curious what others with substantial Genesis use are finding.

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