Poser + Genesis DSON: Loads blank Genesis figure

c567591ac567591a Posts: 0

I have Poser 2012 with SR3 installed.
I installed all the parts, both content and application

Genesis loads (almost instantly) and I get an empty figure with no materials, only way i even know it exists is it does have the translation properties, with the extra Mesh Resolution dial for SubDivision. All dials are set to 0 except subdivision which is 1.


  • c567591ac567591a Posts: 0
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    Update: It CAN load clothing items.
    It CAN load the sub-dragon, so it appears to just have issue with Genesis itself.

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    I get all of them with the same issue as Genesis. We've been trying to thrash some of it out in this thread: http://www.daz3d.com/forums/discussion/9476/P30/

    Apparently reinstalling absolutely everything worked for some people but not others.

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