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library disabled while genesis model loaded
Posted: 12 October 2012 08:50 AM   [ Ignore ]
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I don’t know if any other have this problem? I am able to get genesis models loaded in the veiwport and adjust with genesis morphs,however my library is completly locked up whenever I do so.So none of the tabs like character/pose and any of the content can be used(including any genesis content such as the files that came with it). There is no response apart from that it puts an update icon next to any file i try to click on.
  I am running the 64bit version poser2012 pro.

thanks for reading

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A few other people are seeing this - if you have a bug tracker account check to see if you can access a report from one of them and add your system details, to help the developers track the issue down.


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A workaround is working for many